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 The Rachel Zoe Report: Rare Elements Luxury Hair Care

Rachel Zoe


Sharisse Fine, head stylist for the Mentalist and True Blood reveals her secret to achieving that Hollywood glamour look. Sharisse has experienced firsthand the damage that can be caused from the styling demands the industry can put on the condition of the hair. That’s why she takes preventative measures and offers deep conditioning treatments by Rare Elements to the True Blood cast. This Trio Collection doubles as a daily preventative hair care line and a deep repairing spa treatment. Each product is specifically designed to combat the signs of aging hair with rare healing elements that are known to reverse the signs of damage.


Rare Elements Hair Care  Allure Magazine: Beauty Expert

Blake Lively

Allure Magazine


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Access Hollywood / Josie Maran obsessed with Rare Elements

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LAUNCH PAD: Rare Find, Rare Elements El' Treatment Pre-Shampoo hair and scalp treatment.


Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine: Rare Elements Voted Best Salon Professional Natural Hair Care.


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A guide to the most safe, eco-friendly shampoos for all hair types - Rare Elements Hair Care






Organic Beauty Review: Rare Elements : Long gone are the days when natural shampoos left hair feeling stringy, and their conditioning counterparts produced dry, heavy locks. Top brands are using organic ingredients that nourish and heal the hair, rather than relying on silicone's to coat strands and create false shine. In other words, when using the best natural and organic hair care products, your hair not only looks healthier, it actually is healthier.


Like Silk - Summer Hair Care.

Christy Coleman:  “Incredible Hair Care by Rare Elements”

If you like the idea of healthy hair that gives off the kind of shine you associate with celebrities strutting down the red carpet, you will love Rare Elements. Each product is so versatile, that you will go nuts over how many different ways you can customize the use of each product every day. I simply cannot live without the Essential Conditioner.


The Nature of Beauty: Rare Elements, Keys are here – and more on the way.

If you’ve ever longed for the kind of hair that glistens in the sunlight, fells like silk beneath your fingers, and seems more at home on the red carpet than the Red Robin, then you may want to give Rare Elements trio of hair care products a try.