Frequent Flyer Sample Kit Includes: 2 Pure Shampoo Packets, 1 Essential Lite Conditioner and 1 Essential Daily Masque. FREE SHIPPING


 A New Take on Luxury Hair Care!


2 - Pure Shampoo Hydrating Hair Bathe packets

1 - Essential Lite Conditioner Daily Conditioner packet

1 - Essential Reconstructing Daily Masque packet


We invite you to experience the luxury of Rare El'ements from around the world.

Now for a limited time you can sample the Pure Shampoo, Essential Lite Conditioner & the Essential Daily Masque for $15.00 plus free shipping.  

Ideal for dry, damaged or color treated hair. 

No sulfates, No silicones, No parabens, Just Pure Luxury!

  • You've just discovered the best kept secret to younger healthier hair. This journey starts with the Pure Shampoo hydrating hair bathe. The luxurious blend of Kalahari, Black Seed and Marula properly wash the hair without over-cleansing and drying. The African watermelon seed oil Kalahari, naturally dissolves excess sebum build-up which can clog the hair follicle and lead to thinning hair. The nourishing dose of Black Seed and moisture boosting Marula helps revive dull lifeless tresses and is ideal for dry,damaged or color treated hair.  

  • The final step is to repair, seal and protect the hair shaft by weatherproofing the cuticle with either the Essential Lite Conditioner (for a little more volume) or the Essential Daily Masque Conditioner. Each strand is pampered with exotic rain-forest butters, pure botanicals, nourishing nut oils and the energy-giving aroma of essential fragrances. It can be used as a daily maintenance routine to reconstruct the hair or as a deep hydrating mask by increasing the treatment time. If you want to take your hair care experience to a new level, try cocktailing the 2 conditioners together. Ideal for all hair types.

    To receive maximum benefits it's important to read the directions and or the instruction cards that we have provided for each product. Each kit provides 2-4 applications. The amount of product used will vary depending on hair length and texture.  



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