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El' Treatment Pre-Shampoo Hair & Scalp Serum $68


The Pure Shampoo Hair Bathe $38


The Essential Lite Conditioner $40


The Essential Conditioner Daily Masque $48


Marula Cocktail Leave-In Styling Treatment $38


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Normal & Fine Hair
Pre-Shampoo & Leave-In Hair Treatments
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I've tried a lot of natural hair products and this is absolutely the best shampoo I've ever used. Definitely a Must Have! The ingredients in this line are so unique and so, so nourishing.

Kelly S. New York

If there was a 10 star rating this product would deserve it. Simply said this product is the BEST. Very Luxurious and smells amazing. You will love it...

Tara M. Paris

Just got back from a sunny holiday and my hair looked amazing the whole time. I used the El' Treatment Pre-Shampoo serum and my hair came back better then when I left. 

Laya A, California

The minute I used the products I could tell that I stumbled on to something good. The results are spot on.

Perri - LV

I purchase 2 at a time because I don’t ever want to be without the this stuff. If you need shine, moisture or deep, deep conditioning you have to get the El Treatment. 

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