Salon inspired All-In-One hair & scalp beauty regimen. Finding solutions that speak to your particular hair care needs is what we do...  


Rare El’ements began as a simple and distinct hair collection and has quickly become one of the most respected clean beauty products around the world.

Brand Name: Rare El’ements International Hair Collection.

Founded: 2008 in Beverly Hills California

Behind the Brand: John Amato, former stylist and owner of Amato Hair Studio in Beverly Hills and Teri LaVerne, former model and salon partner with John. It was our goal to revolutionize the mainstream hair care industry by creating innovative products that offered clean luxury, and the same performance salon professionals depend on. During our 30 + years in the beauty industry we developed relationships with cutting edge labs, chemists, manufacturers, “fair trade” resources and top stylists. Our aim was to create a collection of real and quiet distinction, which gives lasting results and takes personal care products to a whole new level of excellence.  

Mission: To combine the wealth of nature with the latest technology and ultimately bridge the gap between salon-professional and natural hair care lines. Developing an ingredient friendly alternative to toxic chemicals, antiquated silicone enhancers, and artificial moisture replacements, we formulated a system that would relieve and satisfy the needs of all hair types. The concept was to keep it simple and effective by providing hair stylists and their clients with 5 essential products that would help promote stronger healthier hair growth and reverse the damaging effects of everyday styling and chemical services. We strived and succeeded in creating nutrient-rich products that would help preserve hair color, sustain the products performance, and deliver lasting results to satisfy the demands and needs of both the beauty professionals and their eco-chic clientele. 

Philosophy: Rare El’ements way of life offers a fresh perspective on luxury hair care: one that carefully selects, edits and believes you shouldn’t have to compromise your look or product performance in order to do yourself and the planet good.

Exotic Imports: Sourced and powered by the science in nature. Includes pure botanicals, exotic rain-forest butters, nourishing nut oils, and the energy giving aroma of essential fragrances. This collection features not just one or two key ingredients, but has strategically grouped and selected each active ingredient for their extraordinary ability to penetrate, rejuvenate and restore the hair’s structural integrity.

Green Factor: Our small batch process brings together naturally isolated plant extracts and is crafted in limited quantity to help maintain freshness and the highest quality. We work with only the finest natural and organic ingredients so that those with a refined taste for luxury can experience Rare Elements from around the world while they benefit from the therapeutic, healing properties that only nature has to offer.

Price Points: $38-$68

Where to buy: select boutiques, salons, spas and resorts.

EU Certified, Color Safe, Naturally Preserved, No Animal Testing, Vegan, No Silicones, No Parabens, No Synthetic Fragrances, Just Pure Luxury!  

Voted Best Overall Natural Hair Products for Restoring and Repairing Dry, Damaged Hair.