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By beepbeauty Claudia Cooper  2016 Category: Reviews I am always excited to discover local beauty brands so when I came across the Los Angeles based haircare line Rare Elements I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Not only is it a local brand but it has a great story behind it. The brand was started by a hair salon owner and a former model and the idea was to start a natural haircare line that could really repair damaged hair and not just camouflage it.  This is something I can really relate to. As a model my hair is...

Chemicals Gone Wild

J Amato

Chemicals Gone Wild Written by James Hobart It should be obvious that toxic chemicals have invaded and permeated every aspect of our lives, and unless we as consumers raise warning flags to the manufacturers of our everyday household and personal care products, the growing number of toxic chemicals will continue to rise and set the backdrop for greater incidents of autoimmune disorders, illnesses, allergies, and medical situations. As someone who spent the past forty eight years working in the Professional Salon industry, I am the first to admit to the multitudes of chemicals that impact professional stylists and their client...

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  The Rare El’ements  is a simple yet effective system that has been proven to reverse the signs of damage while maintaining a sophisticated high level of performance. This breakout collection has revolutionized the professional world of hair care by replacing toxic ingredients and the temporary solution of synthetic enhancers with the healing nourishment and lasting results that only nature can provide. Now for the first time you can customize your very own beauty regime to fit your individual needs and discover the endless possibilities to having naturally beautiful hair.   FEATURED BENEFITS:                                                    Natural Exotic Ingredients  Salon Professional High Performance ...

This Beverly Hills Haircare Brand Has The Best-Smelling Shampoo You’ve Never Heard Of

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Votre Beaute Magazine features Marula Oil SuperStar Rare Elements

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Rare Elements Hair Collection leads the way in Discovering the Best Toxic Free ingredients that deliver results far superior to others. To experience the true luxury of rare ingredients look for the Rare Elements name.   French -Votre Beaute Magazine   Marula Superstar Marula Cocktail Leave-In Hydrating-Shine Hair Mist de Rare Elements  Recently intercepted on the radar VB: marula oil, African beauty secret which, having conquered the US, landed in France and the buzz. Dominique Bianchi. The Marula tree is famous across the continent from Ethiopia to South Africa. Recognizable by its dark red flowers, this cousin of the pistachio filling...