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Marula Cocktail Leave-In Hydrating-Shine Hair Mist de Rare Elements 


Marula Cocktail Leave-In Hydrating-Shine Hair Mist de Rare Elements 

Recently intercepted on the radar VB: marula oil, African beauty secret which, having conquered the US, landed in France and the buzz. Dominique Bianchi.

The Marula tree is famous across the continent from Ethiopia to South Africa. Recognizable by its dark red flowers, this cousin of the pistachio has been providing Africans with its benefits for over 15,000 years. Some traces have indeed been found in prehistoric caves in Zimbabwe. Everything is good in the marula: very tasty and rich in vitamins C, the skin is as delicious infusion; bark gives beautiful pigments and is known in medicine for the treatment of malaria; its leaves help to fight against heartburn and nuts are fabulous culinary spices. The Zulus also associate the ceremonies celebrating the birth of a daughter. For the record, elephants, fond of fruit, ingest massive amounts which, by fermenting in the stomach, make them discover artificial paradise ...

The pros of beauty are interested more in the kernel of the fruit, cold pressed, produces an oil with extra fluid texture. Since 1999, scientific tests have established a positive effect on water retention, hydration and epidermal easing. Rich in fatty acids and omega 6 & 9 is, moreover, very easily and quickly absorbed skin or hair. So much so that it enters into the composition of creams, cleansing and foundations without the risk of us looking like a firefly on a moonless night.


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