In the beauty world, the terms “prestige” and “all-natural” do not often go hand-in-hand. That’s what makes haircare brand Rare Elements, so, well, rare. Launched by John Amato, a Beverly Hills salon owner who saw the need for products that were beneficial to the long and short-term health of hair, the brand likes to classify itself as “eco-luxury.”

To fulfill such a category, the brand scoured the globe to find natural ingredients that are equal parts exotic and effective. Look on the back of the collection’s Pure Shampoo bottle, for example, and among the list of contents are watermelon seed oil sourced from Africa (to dissolve excess sebum), elasticity-boosting rosehip sourced from Chile and Amazonian murumuru butter that conditions and controls dry, frizz-prone strands.

You’ll find that the products manage to strike the difficult balance of cleansing hair without stripping it of moisture, and nourishing it without weighing it down. We especially love the line’s intoxicating scent—it’s earthy with a hint of bergamot.t’s no wonder that top stylists have long kept Rare Elements allI to themselves, but word is officially out. Click here to shop the full line!

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